Rebecca Lee Miller

 Theatre Artist

Acting Resumé

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Production Resumé

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Press and Reviews 

Amaranthine, Brandeis University, 2013

Interview Column

-Jessie MillerThe Justice, 4/8/2013

Theater Arts seniors to present plays, dances, talks 

-Se Jun Lee, BrandeisNOW, 4/8/2013

​(Review) Play haunted by ghost of scorned Anne Boleyn

-Rachel Hughes, The Justice, 4/16/2013

​Senior Thesis Festival

-Jess Plante, Her Campus Brandeis, 4/25/2013

In The Heart of America, Brandeis University, 2013

(Review) Daring Play Explores Provocative Themes 

-David Kratzer, The Justice, 2/12/2013

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, Brandeis University, 2011 

(Review) 'Dog Sees God' riffs on 'Peanuts' 

-Emily Salloway, The Justice, 5/2/2011

You're a Good Man, Charlie BrownBrandeis University, 2012

(Review) Tymp's Physicality Trumps its Musicality

-Emily Salloway, The Justice, 4/2/2012

(Review) Tymp's 'Good Man' an Enjoyable Find

-Sean Fabery, The Hoot, 3/30/2013

Metamorphoses, Brandeis University, 2012

(Review) 'Metamorphoses' Charms with Greek Myths

-Aliza Vigderman, The Justice, 10/29/2012

(Review)'Metamorphoses' Sets High Standard with Brilliant Performance 

-Juliette Martin, The Hoot, 11/2/2012

Charming, Imperial College London, 2011

(Review) A Fairytale Shredding

-Matthew Allinson, Felix, 12/1/2011

Children of Eden, Brandeis University, 2010

HTG's 'Eden' Brings the Bible to Deis

-Andrea Fineman, The Jusitice, 3/16/2010​

 (Review) Hillel Theater Group Revisits 'Eden' with Song

-Hannah Levinger, The Justice, 3/23/2010​